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Why Not Organic Clothes Too?

If you’ve read some of my earlier posts and follow us on IG I’m sure you’ve noticed we use a lot of organic products. Because of C’s allergies the natural parenting path seems to have chosen us and we haven’t looked back. We use natural organic soaps, eat organic food and use organic cotton cloth diapers. But, one thing that wasn’t on my radar as much was organic clothes. We had a few outfits that were organic but it was not a main priority for me. This is something I have recently questioned. Why is it so important that the cotton on my baby’s bottom is organic? However, it never occurred to me to choose organic for the rest of his body?

Honestly, once I thought deeper, choosing organic clothing should be just as important as choosing organic
foods and soaps. Recently I’ve become more conscious of what clothing we are buying. At the beginning of C’s life we had so many baby clothes given to us and bought for us (Thank you baby shower and Mother-In-Law), but now he’s outgrowing our stash. With every piece of new clothing I am purchasing I have become more and more particular. I want something that will last and something healthy for my sweet baby.

I realize sometimes organic can be a more expensive option. However I have noticed that the organic clothes we have withstand the wear so much better.  They actually get softer when washed and don’t fade like the synthetic fabrics we’ve used. I like knowing that our family is helping to keep the earth a little greener by using less chemicals beyond just our choice to cloth diaper. C won’t be in diapers forever but I want our eco friendly choices to stay with our family, a full lifestyle change rather than a season of change.


So where do I find the organic clothes we love so much? Besides small shops and online, I’ll give you one guess. Two of my favorite places of course. TARGET & AMAZON! Haha, amongst other places, its nice to have organic options somewhere I frequently shop. Target and Amazon both carry Lamaze Organic Baby which is one of the best and most convenient brands we’ve found. I am happy to say they have all of the qualities of a cute boutique brand with the affordability that is not usually seen with 100% organic clothes. Plus, they’re super cute too!

In addition to adorable, their organic clothing is so much softer than anything else we have ever had. It seems to get softer with every wash, which in my experience is the opposite of what happens with synthetic clothing. Do you buy organic clothes for your little one? What made you choose organic clothes? Drop me a comment and let me know your favorite place to shop for them!

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