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What’s In My Diaper Bag – Toddler Edition

Let me start by saying I am a total bag lady. Before having C, bags and purses were always how I treated myself. I have also always been an over packer, so the bigger the bag, the better! I would always prefer to be over prepared than under prepared. So with that said, I did a lot of hunting for a diaper bag that fit my style and my packing needs. I love my Lily Jade bag! It’s large enough to fit everything and it’s still stylish enough to make me feel like I’m carrying a purse not a baby bag. The removable inserts their bags have also make it very easy to pack and unpack.

Here is everything I carry with me on a regular basis. I also like to keep it organized so I make use of my Smart Bottoms wet bags to create order.

Diapering Essentials:

A small wet bag with 2 diapers, a On The Go size wet bag for dirty items, Changing pad, Water wipes and Taylor’s hand sanitizing spray. For longer trips out I will add more diapers and carry a larger pack of wipes but for average trips 2 diapers is enough. I also keep extras in the car if needed.

Snack Essentials:

I always over pack snacks. C is almost always calmed by a snack or a sippy cup. I bring milk or water in his MAM sippy cup. apple sauce, reusable snack bag filled with something crunchy, raisins and a bag of yogurt creamies.

Here is what I like to call my “Be Prepared” section of my bag:

I have pacifiers (always bring extras), Dapple pacifier wipes, an extra change of clothes (weather appropriate), an extra bandana bib and a sunhat. I also have a mini wet bag with Balm Baby teething balm (this stuff is amazing & all natural), mini diaper balm, and a SPF sun stick. I also always keep Tylenol on hand because C is allergic to most brands we’ve tried so I keep his approved kind with me.

Entertainment Items:

Our Re-Play links are perfect for all small children and this little radio has been a favorite for C since he was tiny. I also keep a teether with us because C seems to always need something to chew on.

Baby Carrier:

I don’t know how I would have survived without babywearing. My Tula ring sling fits well into my diaper bag. For long trips I usually bring an SSC (soft structured carrier) in the car so I can choose which one I want.

Mommy’s Essentials:

I always have the obvious, wallet, keys, phone, and sunglasses. I also make sure never to leave without water and a snack for myself. I have a micro wet bag with Tylenol, lipstick, lip balm and my favorite Fabula Nebulae deodrant.

Here is my final look of everything organized into wet bags before I pack it all up.

Keep an eye out for my next few posts highlighting, “What’s In My Carry On Bag”,  “Beach Bag”,  and “Diaper Bag Newborn Edition” later this month!

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