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What I Love About The Pello

Well, first of all, what don’t I love about Pello? This adorable donut shaped floor pillow won my heart and C’s as soon as we saw them at MommyCon Chicago! It was created by a stay at home mom to help fit a baby’s ever changing needs and this pillow truly rocks!

The problem with some other baby pillows we had was C outgrew them so quickly. We were able to use an infant lounge pillow for about a month before C was too big for it. Then the boppy pillow we used to help him learn to sit up. You know that pillow, the one I thought was a must have when creating my baby registry. Add to that, I also had 2 breastfeeding pillows that I wasn’t too fond of & only used for about a month. So by about 4 months old my son had already outgrown 4 pillows.

The Pello is great simply because it can be used far beyond the infant stage. I wish we had it from the beginning. As you know from some of my earlier posts I’m all about multi functional products. When I was pregnant I truly thought I needed ALL THE THINGS! But now that I am actively parenting I am honestly so overwhelmed by having so many things. I enjoy organizing but I feel like I am constantly trying to find a way to create less clutter. So our Pello easily replaces all the pillows and then some. *Side note – for nursing, they also make a fantastic and compact nursing pillow called the Comfy Cradle that I wish we had early on, check them out here.
Also, if we had the Pello earlier, it would of been the perfect support for tummy time. Now we use it mostly for lounging and for reading. We’ve also enjoyed bringing it outside to play in. The handles on the side make it easy to carry everywhere. It’s also perfect for snack time because the donut shape contains the crumbs haha and it’s machine washable! I would easily trade all those other pillows in for this one baby item.

*Disclaimer* Always remember with any baby item to make sure you’re using it safely. Pello is a floor pillow and is not designed for sleep.

I hope you love your Pello as much as we do! Enter below for a chance to win one in your choice of color!

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