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All Pacifiers Are Not Created Equally

Soothers, Pacifiers, Binkies, & Dummies are all different. One thing I know is C loves his paci. For our family it has been a very helpful tool to comfort C. Everyone seems to have a different opinion and experience with them but I am here to share what worked for us.

Early in my breastfeeding journey I read that you should not give your baby a pacifier until they’re a month old or it could disrupt them learning to breasfeed. I only found out later that this was untrue for C. He was an expert breastfeeder from day 1 and although we struggled with allergies and spit up, he had a great latch and I had a great supply. However at about 3 weeks old, I was exhausted. I felt like I was breastfeeding him more than a normal newborn and I was. Little did I know (because hello, first time mom here) he was comfort nursing mostly. Thank god I reached out to a wonderful lactation consultant for help. He wasn’t exactly hungry but he was using me as a pacifier. This baby needed to suck something to feel comforted from day one!
Well, this exhausted Mama and my comfort nursing newborn were about to embark on a 8 hour road trip. I thought how am I ever going to make it unless something changes. The lactation consultant that was helping me encouraged me to get him to take a pacifier. Our pediatrician also assured me it would be ok and not ruin our breastfeeding relationship. Then I started offering him a paci and he promptly started rejecting it. Desperate to calm my baby without my breast, I nervously bought different pacifiers to try and find one that would work best for him. I stalked the isles of Babies R’ Us and Target for days, eventually purchasing and trying 11 different brands. I even thought, maybe they just aren’t for him, not all babies take them.

Finally, we tried the MAM Soothers and we won. He liked them! He relaxed and then we all relaxed. Those are still the only pacifiers he will take. Also, our breastfeeding went on strongly for several more months. He has been calmed during boo boos, road trips and sleeps with his paci. They’ve never caused any issues and I’m so grateful for them. I never go anywhere without several. I have also learned that every child is different, what worked for C is not the same thing that worked for friends of mine and that’s ok.

Now this can be a controversial topic amongst moms but for me I am ok with it. I am also the type of person who believes you need to pick your battles. So if this is not something you want for your child, I totally understand that. For me and my child, it is honestly the least of my worries. It’s even said that a paci used during sleep can help to prevent SIDS so I’m all in with it. As far as weaning from it later on, I have the ‘We will cross that bridge when we come to it’ attitude. We have overcome food allergies, sleep struggles and so many other things that giving up the paci is the least of my concerns.

What are your thoughts? Did your children take a pacifier?


  1. Tara

    MAM were the only dummies G would take too. But he quickly gave it up in favor of his fingers once he was coordinated enough to get them in.

    17 . Jun . 2017

      Each child is so different! I totally forgot to add that there was a period of time where C would suck my thumb (not his own though) which was also equally as inconvenient as the comfort nursing haha!

      19 . Jun . 2017
  2. Carynn Jackson

    Thanks, Trisha! My son has never liked pacifiers and that’s been bittersweet for me! He’s always been a strong breastfeeder but I tried introducing one at 6 weeks. No go. I haven’t tried different brands though. I am not sure whether I should attempt now at 10.5 months or just let it go and deal with the fussies.
    Honestly, sometimes I’m envious when I see other babies soothed easily by their pacifiers and mine uninterested. This is helpful info — thanks for sharing!

    17 . Jun . 2017

      I’m so glad this was helpful!!! At 10.5 months I would probably not try one personally but I know what you mean. Had we not gone on that road trip early on, I’m not sure if I would of kept trying to offer them or if I would of given up quicker. 🙂 He might be a little guy who enjoys a lovey at this point for soothing though, try one of those!

      19 . Jun . 2017

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