Motherhood / September 18, 2017

Moments Just For Mom

Being a Mom is exhausting. Let’s be real, there are no off days, no sick days, no sleeping in (at least not yet for me) and in the early days ‘me time’ can be scarce. Most of my days are spent chasing a toddler, working from home and drinking cold coffee. I need time to myself or I start to crack. Not just time out and about to grocery shop by myself or have a girls night. I need time in the quiet by myself to think (or not think) and to relax. Sometimes those moments are once a week while Daddy is with C or sometimes they’re squeaked in during nap time. No matter when I find the time, these are the moments where I feel like I recharge my soul and nourish myself.

Here are my top 3 go to activities to help me unwind. All of these I can do without thinking or while relaxing and get lost in thought. It goes either way but no matter what way it goes, it helps me recharge. I am a better mother, wife and person when I’ve had a little time to myself.

Hot Bubble Bath

I add my salts, my bubbles and light some candles and relax. When I was pregnant I took a bath everyday because it was the only way to feel less achy. Now I just want to melt into the water or read a book and soak. Not a super rushed shower where I’m in and out but a long quiet bath. This is probably my number one go to when C is asleep and James is out. Something about a super quiet house and a warm bath just melts stress away.

Manicure and Pedicure

I either go out to the salon if I have time or I give myself a quick Manicure and/or Pedicure at home. Either makes me feel good. I also love how girly I feel with freshly painted nails. It’s an instant self esteem boost. My newest love is Aila Cosmetics nail lacquer. They are vegan, paraben free and gluten free. A few years back I had my feet operated on and my amazing Podiatrist Dr. Cary Gannon created this cosmetics line. I adore the cheeky polish names (pictured below “No Panty Wednesday”). More than the gorgeous colors, I LOVE the remover because, surprisingly enough my nails actually feel nicer after I’ve used it, which has never happened before with any other polish remover. I actually keep a few remover cloths and one polish in my bag so if I can run out to get a mani at the salon I have what I need.

Face Mask

I loooove a good face mask. I am addicted to my Elevated Charcoal Face Mask. My skin feels so clean afterwards. I’ve mixed it with water, a little honey and with yogurt and each time I really enjoy it. I like that I can customize it based on what I feel like I need as well as what I have time for. Most of the time I put on a mask and read a little while it dries or just zone out scrolling the ever addicting Facebook.

What are your favorite mom moments? Drop me a comment below!

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