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Flying With Your Toddler

We just returned home from our summer vacation in Miami & we are getting ready to leave on another trip next week! This trip was Christopher’s first flight! We have gone on several long road trips when he was an infant but hadn’t ever flown with him before. Overall it was really easy and we had a great time. I did a lot of packing and planning and it all paid off. C is a great traveler and I’m so grateful that everything went smoothly.

Here are a few things I prepared ahead of time that made flying with a toddler smooth and easy!


Carry on bag

In addition to my usual diaper bag items which you can see in this post, I added extra snacks, a few more small toys and C’s lovey. The fabric books especially were great because they didn’t add very much weight to my bag. I also brought more diapers and extra wet bags. We ate lunch at the airport and I brought a plate, spoon, fork and bib in addition to all the snacks. He mostly ate right out of his bento box. James also had a backpack so we split the extra items between his bag and mine to keep from overstuffing.



C loves his snacks so I packed a variety. In addition to some various cookies and crackers, I stocked his bento box full of finger foods. This Bento Box from Stuck On You was the big winner of our trip. We used it for both flights and took it to the beach. It provided perfect snacking and entertainment, because you know toddlers love to open and close everything.


I brought a bag filled with little toys, books and activities in my carry on. But we still had a few moments where C seemed to get a little squirrly. This is when I pulled out a new toy he’s never seen before or if needed, the tablet. These little Thomas toys were perfect because he’s super into them right now.

Baby Carrier instead of Stroller

We left the stroller at home and decided to let C walk and/or babywear him for the entire trip. This worked out perfectly and it made for one less thing to carry around.


We opted to check the carseat. I got this awesome (and cheap) bag to protect it and C was a great lap child. If your child is under two you have the option of buying them a seat or letting them be on your lap.

Overall we had a great time flying with C and we found ourselves asking what the heck were we thinking when we drove instead of flying before. I guess we thought driving would be easier. But flying was hands down a million times more enjoyable than a two day road trip! What’s made traveling with a toddler easy for you?

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