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I’m Trisha Lucente, a wife and mother to Christopher. My husband, James works in the entertainment industry and that brought us to Nashville about 6 years ago. As new parents we quickly realized we knew very little about how to raise a child! We are doing our best to keep our home as natural as possible and that led me to start cloth diapering and practicing other natural parenting techniques. Christopher also suffered from very severe food allergies early in his life (read about that here) so that added to our quest to remove chemicals from our home and lives. At the end of the day we just want to raise a healthy and happy little boy. When Christopher was born we started an Instagram account for him and quickly found that he brought joy to so many people. I have also been able to connect with so many other like minded Mama’s through social media. This blog is my attempt to keep that connection going and I look forward to sharing more about our lives!

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